Vivian O’Connor, Manager Judge Roy Beans, Portlaoise

The Jukebook system keeps our venue going from 10am to 2am in the morning. Easy to use and with 24 hour support, 7 days a week, the jukebook has never let us down.

Gerry Byrne, Manager, The Left Bank Kilkenny

Jukebook’s easy in every way and with the right music, it’s so true – you can attract the right clientele.

John Mc Donald, Carrigans, Kilkenny

Jukebook’s a doddle to use.

Kevin Morrissey, Manager, Coyotes Galway

Flexible with excellent service, the jukebook is good for business.

O’Hallorans, Ennis

Juke Book makes it easy to react to different types of crowds at different times of the day or a sudden change in crowd.

Ardhu bar, Ennis, Manager Willie Sexton

Music Box is dead simple to use – all we do is turn on the profiles built for us by Moodmaster to suit our customer types and we have instant music.

Willie Sexton, Manager, Angel Lane, Limerick

Juke book is a fantastic system all round and the advertising feature creates great awareness for events we plan on the premises.